Guantanamo Bay, Cuba


Paradyne Setup


  1. Set ip address on your computer to

  2. Open up web browser and enter in address bar.

  3. At login page enter password. (Admin)

  4. Click on setup tab.

  5. Click on Firewall/NAT services tab.

  6. Click Enable Firewall and NAT services.

  7. Click apply.

  8. Click ok on pop up.

  9. Enter password (Admin) again.

  10. Click setup tab.

  11. Click connection 1 tab.

  12. Click on type drop down menu and choose static.

  13. Enter a name in Name box.

  14. Check NAT

  15. Ensure encapsulation is LLC

  16. Enter ip address Given by SCSI (EX.

  17. Enter mask

  18. Enter Default Gateway

  19. Enter DNS 1

  20. VPI =0

  21. VCI = 35

  22. Qos  = UBR

  23. Click on bridged

  24. Click apply.

  25. Click on tools tab.

  26. Click on System commands.

  27. Click on save all.

  28. Click log out.

  29. Click on Homepage button in Browser and you home page should appear.

  30. (Optional) Under setup tab you may click on DHCP Configuration tab.

  31. Click on server on.

  32. Ensure you go to tools system commands tab and do a save all any time you make a configuration change on modem.

  33. Then under network connections.

  34. Highlight internet protocol and click on properties and choose Obtain an ip address automatically.

  35. Click apply.